Presentation of residential packages

Economic for Home

Using your color TV and sound system, you will get the karaoke system that everyone prefers and that includes the following:
  • 3 Microphones
  • The best English songs and the best French songs
  • Preparation, installation, hook-ups, tuning, explanations by a karaoke specialist
  • Was $198 now for only $98
  • Reservation details and conditions

COMPLETE: For even more power!

If you do not have a sound system, if it is not powerful enough or if you are worried about possible damages, I strongly suggest that you rent a complete system that includes:

IMPORTANT: FREE delivery in most areas for booking received minimum one month in advance.

No Worries

Complete System for Home with KaraJockey

No need to program the music, being responsible for the microphones...
This kit is a complete system as described before, with a KaraJockey that takes care of everything during the event.
to trust Deluxe Karaoke ©
  1. Equipment Reliability
    Our equipment are our tools and we use only the best.
  2. The Best Songs
    40s to today are the best American, English, Quebec and French hits.
  3. The Best Price
    By taking care of equipment and service to our customers, we are able to control costs as well as quality, with a single goal: to provide the best quality•price ratio.
  4. Professional Service
    Our specialists are carefully selected and trained.
  5. Availability and Security
    Order in confidence on our secure site. Fill out all the fields, and whatever the date you will get your Deluxe Karaoke ©
  6. Delivery to the Location of Your Choice
    We deliver and install in most regions.
  7. Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Today, with over 50,000 events, our guarantee of satisfaction is 100%. The fun is guaranteed or you do not pay.

Presentation of packages for the office

Economic at Work

Using your TV and sound system, you will get the "" including the following:
  • 3 Professional SHURE Microphones
  • The best English songs and the best French songs
  • Preparation, installation, hook-ups, tuning, explanations by a karaoke specialist
  • For only $148
  • Reservation details and conditions

Complete at work

If you do not have a sound system, if it is not powerful enough or if you are worried about possible damages, I strongly suggest that you rent a complete system that includes:

Let It Go!

No need to program the music, to be responsible of the microphones... the KaraJockey comes with the Complete system and take care of everything for only $298

Presentation of packages with animation

5-7 Formula

A specialist is installing and running the complete Deluxe Karaoke system
Get ready to sing!

In a reception hall or restaurant

A specialist book, installs and animate Deluxe Karaoke© including sound system and TV-© Lectern
  • This evening will be a success.
  • My Way / Frank Sinatra
  • T'es mon amour, t'es ma maîtresse / Jean-Pierre Ferland et Ginette Reno
  • Twist and Shout / The Beatles
  • Hey hey lolita / Joël Denis
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) / Eurythmics
  • Crazy / Patsy Cline
  • Paroles, paroles / Dalida et Alain Delon
  • ...
  • Reservation details and conditions


"Fast shipping and good seller"
Martin Faucher, Cantons-de-l'Est, QUEBEC

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Online rental of Deluxe Karaoke

Ontario · Quebec · New Brunswick

*Best value for the money*

Benoît Remy
Benoît Remy's office,

Looking for the best price? Are you looking for the best quality?

If your answer is "yes", you're in the right place and we will understand each other.

Dear friend,
You are still on this website because you like the quality? To get the best price? Just out of curiosity? Whatever is your answer you will be delighted and pleased because I offer the best karaoke without you even having to leave your home.

In addition to consulting for several karaoke producers around the world since 1992, I rented tens of thousands of karaoke systems, from the simple karaoke machine to computerized devices, including the most expensive and sophisticated systems on the planet. I have seen and tried everything from the $40 machine to the $15,000 system. Believe it or not, for 10 years now only 1 system has resisted all of my assaults. The best test that is being done day after day... because our customers choose almost exclusively and want the Deluxe Karaoke at each event.
The Deluxe Karaoke is a perfect combination of quality, reliability, efficiency and choice of music.

This is NOT free software, FORGET about video game with strange undesirable noise. This is real music on originals CD+G! Your friends will be stunned.

List of titles included in all packages: The best English songs and the best French songs including the exclusive French collection of Karaoke Planete

The system used by the STARS

Imagine this: the best karaoke system in your home house for a celebration party.
At the office? Dazzle your suppliers, customers and brighten the lives of your employees.

Availability guaranteed at any time. Book in advance and save. I have systems available at all time regardless of the date by booking in advance. Always in stock!

Since 1992, my team and I, have rented dozens of thousands of karaoke systems of all kinds and at all prices. In inventory we have machines upscale brands (JVC, Pioneer, Denon, Frog Lips), our music cds are all original products produced by the best manufacturers (DMX Karaoke, Easy Karaoke and Music Maestro), our microphones are SHURE professionals and we use only premium accessories.
Training and quality of staff is also an essential part and indispensable to the success of your evenings. I'm really proud of my collaborators all over the country who contribute year after year to the success of your parties.
Our expertise is recognized around the world of karaoke.
That's why I recommend the Deluxe Karaoke!

ATTENTION: This offer is only available online on this Website, it is not available in stores.

A successful karaoke evening is a evening with the Deluxe Karaoke.


  • Add a 2500 Lumens video projector
  • Additional music to choose from thousands of titles and albums in stock
  • Rental with purchase option at no additional charge
  • Frog Lips system
  • DENON DN-2200 and DN-820 Players for pros
  • For an exceptional evening, use our professional animation service. Available in most regions of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick area.


This seems too complicated? Do not worry we take care of everything.

The Deluxe Karaoke is always available regardless of the date by booking in advance. Book in advance and save.

The Deluxe Karaoke © is the most popular system, others superior features and other songs are available to customize the system to fit your needs.

Installation is our business, and all wires are included to fit your TV, giant screen, sound system and/or home theatre.

Thank you for your support, order NOW to make your reservation.

Reservation details and conditions


Can not find the package that suits you? You did not find the answers to your questions? An important detail is not indicated? I thought of you.
The following command button allows you to keep your priority until your customized package is determined. If we do not manage to meet your needs, there will be no charges.
Reservation details and conditions


  • This service is available in most regions of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.
  • A security deposit of minimum $1,000 is payable with credit card.
  • Contact me for any other superior configuration, options on services provided or to be inform about contest and shows.

Renting is a privilege!

Thank you

Benoît Remy

P.S.: Tired of renting? Your rent is 100% deductible on the purchase!
P.P.S.: My best advice is to book in advance. Book in advance and save.
P.P.P.S.: My second best advice is to trust my Winning formula (Deluxe Karaoke = Success of your party).
P.P.P.P.S.: I have a Deluxe Karaoke © available for you by booking around 4 months in advance. Always in stock!
P.P.P.P.P.S.: This offer is unique and not available in stores.
P.P.P.P.P.P.S.: You're not convinced? It's a shame. What will you tell your friends when they will ask for Deluxe Karaoke?

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Information and conditions
Costs and details of travel expenses for delivery and recovery are displayed in the rental cart after the selection of a date and a valid address. Reservation must be completed by the host/organizer and unmediated. The illustrations are indicative only. The list of titles may vary and is not guaranteed. The songs offered are of the highest quality available. These professional products are designed for fun and are not performed by the original artists. Conditions may change at any time without notice.

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